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We are a leading behavioral health company in two states, focusing on short term and long term psychological services with residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Our tagline — We Do Care ® — is both a simple and a dynamic statement about what we value our professional corporations.

We provide services to long term, chronic care residents facing adjustment difficulty, or depression and anxiety about declines in physical, mental, and behavioral functioning.

  • Our unique skills are with short term patients who are not progressing in their rehabilitation due to underlying barriers, such as negative thinking, poor motivation, or resistance to care, and therefore are at risk of losing their Part A eligibility.
  • With these short stay patients, we collaborate closely with the IDT team and help patients succeed in rehab and return to the community with a more favorable outlook and better management of their medical conditions.

Our President, Joseph M. Casciani, PhD, has worked as a geropsychologist with SNF’s for over 25 years, and has managed numerous psychology practices during this time.

  • Our providers use a behavior medicine  model because we have found that when a psychologist is involved with a patient’s treatment plan right from admission, the patient views behavioral health as a routine component of his care, and not a sign of weakness or failure.  As a result, these patients are more engaged in their treatment and have better outcomes.
  • Our providers will often attend rehab department meetings, and because of the shortened length of stay, usually meet with patients twice per week for brief sessions.

If you feel that your current mental health provider or group is not responsive to the needs of your residents, creates long delays in authorizing services on new referrals, or requires a minimum size caseload, you will want to consider us as your new vendor.