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A Full Continuum of Behavioral Healthcare

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Established Client Facilities

A current snapshot of our operations:

  • contracted with approximately 120 skilled nursing and assisted living facilities for onsite behavioral health services
  • contracted with nearly 50 licensed mental health professionals
  • deliver services in California and Texas
  • psychology services include individual, family, and group psychotherapy
  • behavior medicine programs to assist residents who are not coping with medical conditions, whether acute or chronic
  • extensive HR, contracting, credentialing, and recruiting departments
  • serve on provider panels with leading Medicare and Medicaid managed care organizations

We strive to provide the most comprehensive care available for your residents:

  • Referrals are made by the primary care physician, a member of the IDT, the resident, or family members.
  • Referrals are checked for eligibility within 24 hours of receiving a face sheet to ensure prompt delivery of services
  • Our consultant, a licensed psychologist knowledgeable about aging and mental health, visits the facility weekly to work with residents admitted for short term rehabilitation or for long term care.
  • Our psychiatric consultant provides medication management to complement psychotherapy and counseling.

How These Services Benefit the Resident and Family:

  • These services are beneficial when psychological barriers, like negative outlook or low motivation, interfere with progress in rehab and discharge planning.
  • For long term residents, psychological services help with adjustment to the facility, and overcoming depression, withdrawal, or other emotional and behavior problems.
  • With psychological support, residents gain more realistic appreciation for their physical losses and decline, and learn to better cope with their medical conditions.
  • Because unmotivated, depressed, and withdrawn residents create a higher burden of care, our behavioral health provider becomes an additional resource to staff.


Please contact us with questions about our programs, inservice requests, or other support services.