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Concept Healthcare Psychology Group, Inc. and CoHealth Psychology Services, P.A. have been providing multi-disciplinary behavioral health services to long term care facilities in California and Texas since 2008. Our overriding goal is the delivery of quality services, innovative behavioral health programs, and staff development activities. We are currently providing services in over 120 long term care facilities, and outpatient services in our San Diego office location. Our practice locations include residential, skilled and assisted living settings, group homes, and rehabilitation settings.

Behavior Medicine

Behavioral medicine programs recognize the direct relationship between a person’s mental and emotional state and his or her ability to cope with or manage physical losses and decline. These physical losses might include:

  • stroke,
  • hip or shoulder fracture, resulting from a fall,
  • post-surgery rehabilitation, or
  • chronic disease, such as diabetes, respiratory distress, or kidney failure.

Psychological factors, such as depression, anxiety, or hopelessness, play an important role in how well someone adjusts to physical changes, and can interfere with the response to treatment. Our behavioral health professionals are trained to recognize the psychological barriers to recovery, and the important link between mental outlook and treatment success. The understand that a positive, but realistic outlook contributes to a positive outcome in rehabilitation. We partner with the facility staff, and work with residents who are not managing changes or losses in interpersonal, physical, or mental functioning, and provides counseling and therapy when it can enhance emotional and mental well being.

CoHealth, and its group of behavioral health providers, is committed to integrated care, and the collaborative delivery of all services to older adults.

Group Therapy in Your Facility

Group therapy can be an effective treatment modality for many residents in long term care facilities for the mutual support, socialization, and problem-solving activity. We conduct weekly groups with different conditions, following medically necessity criteria , such as:

  • Pain management for chronic, non-malignant conditions
  • Anger and stress management
  • Social skills and communication, especially for those with chronic psychiatric illness
  • With specialty conditions, including post-stroke, chronic disease, MS, terminally ill, or Parkinson’s

Other equally beneficial groups, though not considered medically necessary and non-billable, can be arranged for orientation and adjustment for new admissions, and family support groups.

The Psychology-Psychiatry Team

Federal guidelines i.e., OBRA regulations, require that non-pharmacological interventions be included in the treatment plan for any patients receiving psychotropic medications in skilled nursing facilities.

As your behavioral health provider, we recognize that there are many cases where psychotherapeutic drugs are needed to control behavior or treat a thought disorder process:

  • when target symptoms pose a danger to the patient or to other patients
  • aggressive behaviors are exhibited during caregiving
  • a history of severe mental illness
  • hallucinations that are destructive, pose a risk, or are unsettling to the patient
  • delusional thinking that is disruptive to the care of the patient, to other patients, staff, or visitors

Our practitioners work closely with psychiatric specialists (psychiatrists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners) to collaborate on anti-psychotic medication prescribing in order to provide optimal care for your residents. Our psychology consultants work alongside your psychiatric practitioners to optimize your residents’ treatment plans.

Inservice Programs

Our Inservice Programs have been developed for staff working in long term care settings, and provide all the necessary learning material to train caregivers on these subjects, including Trainer Notes, Lesson Plan, Post-test, and Handouts. CoHealth Providers have access to the learning content on these and other topics:

  • Sensory Losses in Older Adults
  • Using Positive Psychology to Improve Teamwork
  • Communication, and Patient Care
  • Behavior Management in Long Term Care
  • Death and Dying, and Working with the Terminally Ill
  • Managing Depression in Nursing Homes
  • The 3 D’s: Dementia, Depression, and Delirium.

Quality Management Program

We have an active Quality Management Program in-house, to monitor compliance with Medicare and Medicaid, and state and federal regulations. Our Providers’ documentation is routinely reviewed and additional training and direction are made available to ensure that all services provided and billed will meet medical necessity criteria. Our Quality Management Director has over a decade of experience with Medicare audits and reviews, and implementing quality improvement programs for mental health practitioners.


Most health insurances, including Medicare, will reimburse for psychological and psychiatric assessment and treatment services to nursing home patients in geographically-remote locations. CoHealth has implemented a series of policies and procedures to conduct telehealth services utilizing HIPAA-compliant video conferencing services. The ”origination” site, i.e., where the patient resides, will need a computer or laptop, reliable internet access, a dedicated office for telehealth visits, and a support staff person to assist with transporting the patient to and from the sessions. Our company has found that telehealth services can be a cost-effective and reliable means of delivering professional services when practitioners are not within a reasonable travel distance of the patient.

Outpatient Clinic

Many individuals that receive our services in acute and post-acute / skilled nursing settings often benefit from continued services on an outpatient basis. After returning home, this follow-up psychological care can be an essential ingredient to maintaining independence and avoiding decline. With our outpatient office in San Diego, we are here to help with depression, management of chronic and acute medical conditions, family difficulties, and other lifestyle issues.


Please peruse our website, and contact us with any questions or requests. Thank you.

Variety of Services
in Your Community

Variety of Services<br> in Your Community

Private Practice

CoHealth Clinics help with personal, family, and lifestyle problems. We are located in select cities in Southern California. Major insurances accepted.

Join Our Multi-disciplinary Professional Staff

Join Our Multi-disciplinary Professional Staff

We Are Hiring

We hire mental health professionals in all disciplines – psychologists, and LCSW’s. Our openings are in Long Term Care facilities.

Behavioral Health in Your Long Term Care Facility

Behavioral Health in Your Long Term Care Facility

Services in Your Facility

We bring psychology and psychiatry services, and innovative programs to LTC for resident and family care, and staff support and training.

Post-Acute to Rehab:
A Full Continuum of Care

Post-Acute to Rehab:<br>A Full Continuum of Care

Our Solutions to Care

We are a leading multi-state group, focusing on comprehensive clinical care, and follow long term and short term rehab patients, and those returning home.

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Contact Us for an Introductory Visit

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